The Franceschini canvases

In 1715 Stefano I Pallavicini paid the Bolognese painter Marcantonio Franceschini for the two canvases depicting 'The

Hunting of Diana' and 'The nymphs disarming the cherubs', still to be found inserted amongst Tommaso Aldovrandini's fresco paintings. This first request was followed by another in 1722 for the remaining three canvases with the scenes of, Diana and Pan, Diana and Endimione, The birth of Apollo and Diana.

Today large gold frames, inserted in the walls, still surround each work of art; this is without a doubt the reason of the preservation in loco of the entire series.

The decision to choose Franceschini was not a chance one: the painter had already worked in the city on the sitting room of the High Council at the Palazzo Ducale - whose decorations were lost in the violent fire in1777 - and on the Filippini residence in Via Lomellini.