Marcello Sparzo

There is not much information concerning this artist from Urbino, who produced works between the second half of the XVI and the beginning of the XVII century. He studied in his home town under the stucco worker Federico Brandani and then in Rome: according to Galassi, right from his early works the use of a style all his own was evident, very different from the over-refined style of his teacher, more inclined towards a wider use of ornamentation and to a persistent use of volumetric forms.

His work for his client, the Lomellino family, on the palace in Strada Nuova, where he carried out the stucco on the façade and on the oval atrium following "Il Bergamasco's" plan, can be dated around 1565, even if the certainty of his presence in Genoa is documented only from 1579.

Elena Parma mentions the discovery of a document which opens new theories on the collaboration between 'Il Bergamasco' and Sparzo - which is still to be well clarified - and on the period of work on the façade.

It concerns a request forwarded to the Council by Nicolosio's son, Angelo Lomellino, dated 5th January 1606, in order to have permission granted to construct balconies at the building's windows likewise the other residences in Strada Nuova; this piece of news "has brought us to reconsider the length of time needed to complete the decoration of the façade, deferring it to a later date and thus making more credible the already presumed participation of Marcello Sparzo but at a later date." (Parma c.d.s.; cfr. Pesenti 2000).